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We have vast experience of cooperation with international companies over projects of varying size and complexity

Photo of Sergei Averyanov

Sergei Averyanov

Business leader

Sergei Averyanov is a co-founder and business leader at CogitoΣ, who has more than 20 years of expertise in IT team leadership, management, and talent acquisition. He helps companies organize and stabilize their internal IT processes, promote and strengthen their HR- and Devrel-brands. Sergei has a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science.

Photo of Ilya Averyanov

Ilya Averyanov

Creative Leader

Ilya is a co-founder and creative leader at CogitoΣ. He has over 10 years of experience in software development in Erlang/Elixir and Python. Ilya helps companies to bootstrap development in new areas of domain and technology. Has Ph.D. in mathematics.

Photo of Miroslav Malkin

Miroslav Malkin

Programming Expert

Miroslav is a co-founder and programming expert at CogitoΣ. He has over ten years of experience in software development as a team lead and programmer in Erlang/Elixir, Kotlin, and Go. Miroslav is an architecture expert with a profound interest in clean code and empirical managing practices.