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Here is an updated list of our public activity.

Lazy Sequences in Elixir and Erlang — article demonstrating and comparing standard primitives for working with lazy sequences in Elixir and Erlang.

MQTT for Elixir — article demonstarting MQTT usage in Elixir, together with Phoenix and LiveView.

Injecting and Discovering Dependencies in OTP Supervisors — article demonstrates patterns of DI in Elixir.

Application Code Upgrades in Elixir — article about the very basics of application code upgrades. It shows the crucial role of supervisors in the process.

Using Supervisors to Organize Your Elixir Application — article trying to provide a simple explanation of profits from using supervisors in Elixir.

Mixing Clean Architecture — longread article about architectural principles, their reasons and automated control of code structure in Elixir.

Protocols vs. Behaviours in Elixir: Additional Thoughts — a follow up to this article.

A Guide to Hot Code Reloading in Elixir — introductory article about connection of hot code reload in Elixir and OTP basics.

ThinkingElixir podcast with Ilya Averyanov as a guest. We discuss SOLID principles and their applicability in Elixir.

Why SOLID may be useful for you in Elixir — article about one small but real case where SOLID principles helped a lot.